Monday, November 23, 2009

Here are a couple of funny pics to start our your week...

Now you know how pumpkin pies are made... (thanks to my dad for that pic in an email)

While "New Moon" was a good still didn't beat "The Dark Knight" in opening weekend numbers...

Have a great week!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Claire Rene Shepard

Today we got to meet our friends newborn baby that was born on Friday. She was seriously the cutest little thing that I have ever seen. She is all wrinkly and cute and while she slept she snored with her mouth open.

It was a touch surreal knowing that we are going to have one of those things in a matter of months. The Shepards have been about 8 weeks ahead of us through Amy being pregnant. In fact one night at a Sun's game about 8 months ago, they told us that they were expecting Claire and we got to tell them that we might be expecting after we finished trying. Pretty cool the way the timing has worked out! I am sure once our little one is on the outside our girls will set aside some chill time together to drool, cry and, spit-up! None-the-less it was really cool to meet Claire on her second day alive!

This time spent with a newborn made us want to practice our skillz this evening. So we used one of the cats....

Fun times! 

Hope all is well with you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

long time no post...

Okay, so here comes the ramblings about how we have been busy and haven't posted on the blog in a while ....blah, blah, blah... we've been busy.... anyway...

You might have noticed a few changes here on the blog. We updated the layout to make it a bit cooler looking as well as added a cool visual of a bunch of pictures that are on our new "flickr" account! You can scroll your mouse over the visual and it will spin all crazy. Click on any picture and it will take you to that picture on out flickr page.... or you can just go check out our flickr page here. Enjoy the pics! We will try to update them regularly as we can do it on the fly from the iphone.

Also added to the side is a box showing my most recent twitter updates. Amy does not have hers on here because she has protected updates (meaning you have to follow her to see them) and those cannot be linked to the blog. So if you are itching to know what we/I am doing on a more urrent basis than the blog allows...there you have it!

In baby news, the baby is growing and Amy wants it to come out now. While she realizes this would not be good for the baby, I think that she might be willing to try it... She could use some prayer when you think of it to help her feel more comfortable, mostly when she is sleeping.

Otherwise here at home we are spending our time tackling a large to-do list of things that we have been meaning to get done for a while. So far we have put down some grass in the backyard, painted furniture, bought and assembled a crib, and have organized tons of area that used to house clutter. It feels good to get things done!

Hope all is well with you! Look forward to more regular posting here!