Saturday, November 21, 2009

Claire Rene Shepard

Today we got to meet our friends newborn baby that was born on Friday. She was seriously the cutest little thing that I have ever seen. She is all wrinkly and cute and while she slept she snored with her mouth open.

It was a touch surreal knowing that we are going to have one of those things in a matter of months. The Shepards have been about 8 weeks ahead of us through Amy being pregnant. In fact one night at a Sun's game about 8 months ago, they told us that they were expecting Claire and we got to tell them that we might be expecting after we finished trying. Pretty cool the way the timing has worked out! I am sure once our little one is on the outside our girls will set aside some chill time together to drool, cry and, spit-up! None-the-less it was really cool to meet Claire on her second day alive!

This time spent with a newborn made us want to practice our skillz this evening. So we used one of the cats....

Fun times! 

Hope all is well with you!

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