Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today and yesterday, Amy and I were tasked with making Hannah smile and take a picture of it. This is a task that is easier said than done. While Hannah smiles a lot of the time and we know what things can make her smile. When we need for her to do it for a picture, she refuses. At least most of the time.

I added an album to our flickr photo stream tonight that includes the best of the shots that we got from Hannah's photo shoot. We did end up getting some smiling pictures, but aside from that we also got some other really good ones. They do a really good job of showing her current range of emotions and abilities.

We have fully moved to start using flickr to keep our photos online. You can bookmark that site and check it when you like for updates. You can also see thumbnails of the most recent photos on the right of this page. When we update it, we will make sure and post a not here on the blog so that no one misses any pics of the cutest baby in our house.

On flickr when you are viewing the picture, you can click where it says "all sizes" and download your preferred size to use for printing, life size mock-ups, desktop wallpapers, or any other preferred shrine to Hannah. That way you can all add pictures to your collection as we put them on flickr...pretty sweet huh!?

As I transition to a stay-at-home dad/worship leader/videographer/photographer for the summer, I am going to try and update the internets more often with pictures, videos, and various other updates of our exploits. Stay tuned!

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