Friday, August 28, 2009

kickity kickerson

I really have meant to post more on here... so sorry about that! I think it's because my doctor is the most chill person I have ever met, so it has calmed me down and I'm taking everything in stride! however, I have learned a few things this week that I would like to share with you.

1) when you live in north Scottsdale and belong to a fancy gym and go to work out there when you are 19 weeks pregnant, you will actually feel like a big fat fatty.

2) but then you will remember that you can eat ice cream and consider it one of your essential calcium servings of the day, so that will make you feel better.

3) junior high girls do not know when to stop talking. example: when I told one today that I was pregnant while at camp with her in early June (like 8 weeks along), she said, and I quote, "oh, you were pregnant then? I noticed your belly was round but I thought it was just from all the food we ate there." although let's be real, it probably was.

4) it's possible that Brian and I will be financially set for life once he or she (we find out Tuesday!!) signs as a kicker for the NFL. because tonight there are a lot of kicks going on! either it's a great kicker, or just excited for the weekend, or can't wait for Paula Deen's mac and cheese that is currently in the crockpot. I'll keep you posted.

this is your last chance.... do you think it's a boy or a girl?? cast your vote in the comments!!

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