Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the big day is....

september 1! that's the day we'll be finding out if we have a pink sprinkle or a blue sprinkle! or, as our friend kj's ultrasound tech put it a couple of months ago when they had their big ultrasound... "let's see if it's a hot dog or a bun!" :) we are very excited to have a day that we'll know and not have to wonder anymore!

have I mentioned how much I love my doctor? I love her. a lot. she is probably the most chill person I have ever met in my entire life. she is just so relaxed and makes me understand that everything is normal and perfectly fine! plus, she always has such interesting tidbits to share. one of the concerns we discussed today was that I've been having a ton of headaches recently. I have tried to tough them out, but almost always wind up taking tylenol because otherwise they just stick around. and now I know why! apparently between weeks 16 and 20 is when my blood supple is increasing really rapidly, and that combined with august in arizona makes it almost impossible to stay hydrated. ohhhhh! now it all makes sense! plus, she told me just to drink lots of fluids, take a tylenol, and have a little caffeine, which is exactly what I have been doing. other than that, today was a pretty basic appointment and things have been continuing to go great! OH, I was a little nervous about the weigh in because we were on vacation last week. but our nurse is also SUPER awesome, and we told her about how we went to eat at paula deen's restaurant (to which she responded, 'isn't that the lady with all the fried things and butter? YUM!') and it's possible she noted something on my chart, because the doctor didn't even say one thing about weight gain. hooray!

we also got to hear the baby's heartbeat-- which NEVER gets any less miraculous! there were some weird noises on the doppler, which I wondered about until the doctor said that was the baby moving around and kicking! so crazy! this is quite the journey... and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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  1. I remember waiting for the ultrasound...every day felt like years! It was around the same time (my due-date was jan 16) Fun!

    Hope you're feeling well and getting rest! (enjoy the sleep before the baby comes...) :)