Sunday, July 19, 2009

happy 2nd trimester!

well, we have finally made it to a pretty pivotal point in pregnancy... the 2nd trimester!! it's kind of like a miracle... I have been feeling better for the past few weeks as far as food things go, but I've still been SO tired. like go to bed early, take a nap every day, and still feel exhausted tired. but this past week (even considering spending my mornings at VBS with 1000+ children) I haven't even taken a nap every day! and this weekend, we even cleaned the house and I did laundry and then today-- get this-- I WENT TO THE GYM! it's really nice to start having some of my energy back! I feel like I am actually a productive member of society (or at least our house) and I'm not just surviving every day.

I had another big pregnancy milestone this week that I was not so excited about. I spent most of the week either wearing yoga pants, or stuffed into some other pants and wishing I was wearing yoga pants... so I had to bite the bullet and get some maternity pants. I was seriously dreading it! I don't know why, but I just felt like I shouldn't need them at this point and they would not be cute at all. however, I will eat those words, because they are AWESOME! I got a pair of bermuda shorts at target (actually 2, but I have to go exchange them because the size was mislabeled) and some awesome jeans at old navy! not only are they SUPER cute, but I can actually breathe during the day, which is kind of a bonus. :)

so that's about all that's up with me and sprinkle here at week 14! we probably should have taken another picture for this week, but we forgot, and now I'm all gross from working out... so we'll try and remember tomorrow.

to end on a happy note, one last thing I discovered this week... spaghettios are FABULOUS!

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  1. a) I sometimes want maternity pants just because I hear they are so awesome. b) yippee for 2nd trimester-time flies! c) you didn't know spaghettios are awesome!? Try them piping hot with a piece of white bread that has been buttered. SO GOOD! d) are your bermudas anything like Joey's Thanksgiving pants? I would kill to see you in those pants!