Thursday, July 9, 2009

plum we have been a touch busy, and have forgotten to write about how Sprinkle and Amy are doing!

Sprinkle is the working name that we are using to talk about the baby and not say "it," "that thing," or "the alien growing inside my wife"...Sprinkle feels more personal!

Also, we are waiting to announce the name until after the baby is here and in the flesh because there are too many people in our lives that would have good ideas to share with us, after they heard the names that we chose. While we love our friends and family, we feel like our future child should only have us to blame for being named after an American Gladiator.

We have come to the name Sprinkle because we read at one point that it was about that size. Our 2 year old friend Abigail does not approve of this name due to the fact that it is not a "people name." Either way we will continue to use Sprinkle until further notice.

Amy has not been feeling as well the last couple of weeks. She got a bit of a cold after our adventure to California with 162 high school students and has been getting bad headaches off and on. All in all though, she is taking it pretty well. I think that if there were a person growing inside me that was causing me that annoyance, I might just ask it to find a new place to grow. Hopefully, as the peeps at the doctors office have suggested, we are coming upon a time in the pregnancy when Sprinkle will allow Amy to live without pain for a few weeks. I called it "The calm before the storm," and the nurse agreed that was a good name.

We are still a bunch of weeks from finding out if it will be a boy or a girl. I am just praying that it won't be a hermaphrodite, I don't want to have the responsibility of having to choose if the room will be pink or blue... Once we do find out though we will be sure to let you know what color will dominate our house for a while. There are big bets riding on this one! so pick your teams in the poll on the right!

Here is a picture of Amy taken recently at about 12 weeks....

she isn't showing yet I think, she says she hates this picture and felt "huge" when it was taken. I told her she looked as beautiful as ever and there was nothing to be worried about. (I am an AWESOME husband!!) I wasn't even lying! Either way, we will continue posting pictures of Amy as Sprinkle gets bigger. Currently he/she/it is about the size of a plum and quickly moving up the scale to other fruits! Hopefully watermelon is out of the question!

Life goes on at the baby factory! Hope all is well with you.

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  1. You know I'm a baby naming machine: Luster is a good choice. Please contact me for other options.
    Seriously, I commend your decision to keep name options on the DL. I don't even know if I will tell my in-laws when I am pregnant as they will have so many good ideas to share with me about names and everything father-in-law already likes to tell me about reproductive health.