Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby LOVES to dance!

We got to see the little alien that is growing inside Amy today!

We are calling it sprinkle for the time being...

It is a about an inch long and loves to dance - as you will see on the video!
(it is looped over a bunch of case you find yourself watching to the end and wondering...)


  1. Okay, that was the coolest thing ever!! I can't believe the pictures of little Sprinkle are so clear. I can't wait to meet this little person who will truly be the apple of all of our eyes!! Thanks so much for sharing all these special moments with us! Much love to all of you!!

  2. Sprinkle? What happened to Portugal?

    (also holy wow it wiggles that is awesome)

  3. we never called it portugul. isn't is crazy that it can wiggle even thought it is only an inch long?

  4. Must be Amy's - she could never sit still either!

  5. Brian and Amy! Congrats! So many things I could say here... I think I'll just go with Good luck and that is super close to what Lucas's due date was (Jan 15, 08) and (since I was induced) he came at 2:30 on that very morning, so you can always hope for on time or early, because you will be hoping! Seriously good luck babe and congrats. It's the best thing ever and it just keeps getting better.

  6. Congrats! Being a parent is awesome! And it's due in jan. which is when Brianna was born, so that is fun. You won't be gigantic when it's hot out :) And let's face it, january is boring so being snuggled inside with a newborn makes it way more eventful!!