Sunday, June 14, 2009

breaking news

BIG NEWS! today, I...
  • got out of bed
  • put real clothes on
  • went to church
  • went out to lunch with real people
  • (took a nap, because i am still pregnant)
  • went to the grocery store
  • cooked dinner
  • cleaned up our bedroom
  • and i'm about to do a load of laundry
DO YOU SEE HOW PRODUCTIVE THAT IS??? considering that yesterday, I literally laid in bed all day, until I HAD to get up to go to a junior high event I had planned. I was out of the house for approximately 3 hours, and I had to go to bed immediately upon returning home... at like 9:15. it is ridiculous how tired I get by doing nothing. however, I would like to mention the two other things on my to-do list at all times:

  • manufacture human inside my body
  • develop placenta to feed said human
so let's just say... I have been a little busy! oh yeah, and besides all that, I spent sunday-thursday last week up at camp with 75 8th grade students. somehow just typing that makes me need another nap! camp was pretty good though. it was absolutely miraculous and God moved in ridiculous ways. I think the tough thing for me was to feel like I couldn't give 100% to the kids. usually on these trips, there is 'youth pastor amy' and 'real person amy'. and real person amy takes a BIG backseat whenever the two clash. but that just really couldn't happen this year. I'm really looking forward to the last -- well, two days -- of the high school summer trip, after we tell the kids. I feel like I'm just not being myself and I can't even tell them why! and it's totally fine and absolutely worth it... it'll just be easier when I don't have to hide it anymore.

this week we're looking forward to the ultrasound on wednesday! we'll actually get to see the little future anderson!

and on that note, I'll leave you to guess what I'm going to do next. :)

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  1. I haven't even read past the second part of your to do list, and I just have to say that I love you and how did I miss this new blog url?

    We need to see each other more often!