Monday, June 1, 2009

6 weeks...a touch belated

So I was supposed to have written on this blog several weeks ago, but with the end of school and the craziness that was all wrapped up in that and finding a job...the blog got put on the back burner....but now I am back...and better than ever...with a fresh year of paychecks promised to me!

Anyway, pregnancy is not really what I would have expected...I am not tired at all, the food aversions really haven't set in, I am losing weight instead of gaining, and I haven't had to stop drinking beer!

Amy is a different story...she is sleeping more than the cats, loving a particular food one day only to gag at the idea of that same food the next, seriously she is sleeping A LOT, some times after I have committed any action that might be perceived as out-of-line...she says things like "you really don't want to anger it!" while pointing at her midsection, and did I mention that she is ALWAYS ASLEEP!?

Really though, through all of the suffering that our little one is already causing her, Amy is taking it really well. I literally think almost every day that it is good that women have the babies, because I am honestly not sure that I would be able to make it through. That is not a joke.

The lizard shaped human being that is growing inside my wife is now the size of a sprinkle that would go on top of a cupcake. We are hoping that the brain is already HUGE and that the heart is beating strong! Coming here in a few of weeks, we are hoping to hear the heart beat! Then we can be sure that it is a human an not a lizard! If it is actually a lizard, then Amy has A LOT of explaining to do.

Look forward to more updates as the weeks role by!

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