Friday, May 22, 2009

doctor's appointment #1!

I had my first doctor's appointment today! I didn't expect this, but it made it all feel really REAL. not that it wasn't before, but now I am officially on paperwork in my file pregnant! because I went in for a checkup/preconception visit in december, there really wasn't a whole lot to do during this appointment. mostly I just updated all of my paperwork, and filled out all the additional 'you're pregnant!' paperwork, peed in a cup, and got to meet my doctor and ask her all my questions. she is seriously the most laid back person I have ever met, which I forsee being really helpful about 9 months from now.

speaking of that! one thing she did give me was my for reals due date: January 21, 2010. of course, that could still change, and the chances of me delivering on that day are really slim, but for now, that's the target day!

I also got to schedule our first ultrasound and my next appointment. they don't do an ultrasound until at least 7 weeks so that you can actually see something (and hear the heartbeat!!), which I appreciate! if I am remembering correctly, the ultrasound appointment is Wednesday, June 17th and my next appointment with the doctor is Tuesday, June 30th. crazy!

let's see, what questions did I get answered? I asked about travel in July and October, and she said I should be absolutely fine. I asked about exercise restrictions (although I have been WAY too exhausted to go to the gym for all but 2 days since I got the positive test) and I just have to keep everything to a moderate intensity level. she gave me some stuff to read and a gift bag full of samples (good thing I have a whole bottle of infant formula now. I'm sure that will really come in handy in the very near future... or not) -- the coolest thing was that the gift bag was in a real diaper bag! the funniest part of the appointment was after we had already talked about how I'm a youth pastor and how Brian and I met and got married... she said: "it's routine procedure to do an HIV test on pregnant women, so we'll do that whenever we need to do blood work for something else... I assume you're pretty low risk for that?" yeah, that's probably a safe assumption. :)

so things are progressing normally! I usually feel a little icky after having breakfast, and last night we went out to eat and I overate a little bit and felt GROSS, but I haven't puked yet and here's hoping I don't! on that front, if you feel like praying that my morning sickness definitely stays away in June, I would really appreciate it -- I have both Confirmation camp for 4 days and our high school summer trip for 8 days, and it would be really hard/frustrating/not very easy to hide if I have to go throw up every day on those trips. thanks in advance and have a GREAT 3-day weekend!!

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