Wednesday, May 20, 2009

things I didn't know about being pregnant, part 1


Apparently the hormones that make for a healthy pregnancy also make me become a furnace. Literally, Brian has hugged me and jumped away for fear of being burned. However,, he is not complaining, because our annual summer what-temperature-do-we-set-the-air-conditioning-at debate and negotiation has been postponed indefinitely… I’M asking HIM to turn it down. Trust me, this has never happened before. In fact, I have always been the girl who is constantly cold. My family used to make fun of me for using a blanket in the summertime. I live in Arizona and I still wear a cardigan almost every day, just in case I get cold. I don’t even know how to handle this new-found heat, because it’s always been a non-issue in my life! Let’s just say… I’m a little less excited about the 100+++ degree summer this year. On a positive note, it has forced me to become resourceful. In our office building, the air conditioning controls are in one office way down the hall from mine. And the air has to travel through about 5 offices before it comes to me, so my office is usually pretty warm. Generally? Not a problem. This year? I feel like I’m melting. But I just found this clip-on fan that I clipped to my keyboard shelf/drawer/thing and it is pointed right at me whenever I’m sitting at my desk. Jesus has had mercy on me, and his mercy came in the form of a 9 dollar clip fan.

This is definitely something I did NOT know about pregnancy before I experienced it—and I’m sure there will be many more fun surprises to come! But I’ll take them all and more – I’m pretty sure the end result will be worth it!


  1. yeeeeeeeeeeah, i was wondering who was going to catch that first! wishful thinking? :)