Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day!

today i got the craziest, most amazing gift for mother's day.

i found out i'm going to be a mom.

can you believe it? it's crazy! we literally just found out today... mostly. i took a test on friday that had a faint positive line... and then we went away for the weekend with 80 high school kids. good timing, right? we got home today and i took a digital test (no questions there!) and it said YES! it's so early that normally, we probably wouldn't have told anyone today-- but it's mother's day for goodness sakes, so we had to call our moms to tell them they'd be grandmas! it was a really wonderful day, and so fun to see their reactions. luckily, we used screen capture software and called them using the webcam, so maybe one day YOU will get to see their reactions too! :)

even though we had been praying and trying for this, it still seems like such a surprise. even more than that-- it is a miracle. literally. i have been thinking so much about that this weekend. God has worked in so many different ways in my life; He has pulled together circumstances in ways that don't make sense unless you know He's been working behind the scenes. but this-- this is something ONLY God could accomplish. when i think about the amazing things that have been happening without us even knowing about it, i am so overwhelmed with gratitude. i am really looking forward to taking this journey and seeing what is yet to come! and most of all, i can't wait to meet this little person in january.

thank you in advance for being excited for us, for praying for us, and supporting us in countless big and little ways. we know that our baby will be SO blessed to have tons of people to show him/her (oh believe me, we've already picked sides on THAT front!) love.

it's going to be a crazy year!!!


  1. Sure wish we were there to get a big Family hug together. Guess it will just have to wait a coule of months!!!

  2. It's such wonderful news! Thanks for sharing it in such a fun way! Here's what I didn't know about becoming a grandma - I see babies everywhere now, and it makes me cry! And sometimes I want to tell everyone, and sometimes I like having the secret!