Sunday, September 20, 2009

23 weeks!

hello friends!

it's official-- i am 23 weeks as of today! according to normal statistics, our little girl is now measuring approximately 11 inches and weighs about a pound. she has come a long way from the size of a sprinkle!!

in celebration of 23 weeks, brian and i are going to combine forces to create a list of interesting pregnancy facts... there may be a tmi factor, we'll just have to see.

1. brian: everything is dialed up a notch. literally, every emotion is more intense. this has been... let's just say... interesting.

2. amy: this is related to #1 -- i get the giggles really easily. most of the time at things that are not that funny. this works out pretty well for brian's ego, because i'm usually laughing at him. example a: i literally almost peed my pants yesterday at kohl's when i made brian try on some ridiculous shorts. it was close.

3. brian: less of our bed space is reserved for me. i've had to figure out how to be smaller when i sleep!

4. amy: you'll have to read into this one, because i am NOT spelling it out... i never thought i'd buy prune juice before age 70. but i did.

5. brian: it's really hard to resist the temptation to eat like a pregnant lady. ps. i need to get to the gym.

amy: it's really hard to resist the temptation to eat whatever i want. luckily, i have only had 2 real cravings: once for pizza rolls, once for hot pockets. (what a weird trend!) but being tired makes me not want to cook or eat healthy. and my doctor told me to watch it a little more at my last appointment! but since our real fall schedule has started, i have been a lot healthier. (although really, if i want ice cream i will have ice cream. i'll just have more work to do when she comes out!)

7. brian: it's really crazy to feel a baby kick inside someone else's belly! it's like there's an alien trying to escape from the inside. in a grand tradition of stubborn sauers (note from amy: i think it's MAYBE from both sides of our family... andersons hold their own!), this one is starting in the womb -- she won't let me feel her kick when i try!

amy: i have had to start parking in a different spot because between my big purse and my getting-bigger self, it was getting harder to squeeze between our neighbor's car and the column thing by our spot. so brian gets the covered spot now!

9. brian: who knew babies needed so much crap?? aren't they small when they come out? why do they need so much stuff??

10. amy: it's crazy to me how excited people are about our baby. i had 7th grade boys mad at me because i forgot to announce that we found out that she's a girl. i can't tell you how many times a day somebody asks me how i'm feeling at church. saturday night was the hot pockets craving, and we were going over to hang out at some friends' house with some of our high school kids. i told 2 of our high school girls about the craving before we left because i knew they would think it was funny-- and they stopped at the store on the way and got me some! and even our starbucks barista told us we'd better bring her in as soon as she's born! it is so amazing to know how much our daughter is loved -- and she's not even here yet!!

okay, i think that's all we've got for now. brian is in the middle of installing our bookshelves in the living room from the future nursery, i need to go upstairs and do some laundry, and the cowboys game is on. so a top 10 is all you get tonight!

tomorrow is flu shot day for me, and i think it's the first time i've ever had one. i'm not a big fan of shots, but i will be a big girl and take it. and i think we're going to institute a new policy for the high school/junior high kids and tell them if they even think they're getting sick, to stay away from me! we just can't be too careful with all the people we come in contact with during the week. have a wonderful week!

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