Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby is getting big!

Our beautiful little bundle of joy now weighs nearly 3 lbs! She is kicking Amy all through the day (even sometimes so we can see it through the skin!). She has a large head and all signs point to an earlier delivery date than what was expected (Jan 21).

Below you will see a couple of the pictures that we got of her today! She definately has her daddy's nose and her mouth is open showing signs that she gets some traits from her mom!

We are so excited for her to be here with us! We have a lot of things yet to do be fore that happens though! Each stage of this process is a bit more astounding than the last in the way that things just happen. In away though it all feels normal, like it is no big deal. Ask me again in 5 months if I say the same thing!

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