Tuesday, January 12, 2010

baby watch 2010

okay... this child needs to come already...

I mean, the due date is over a week away... regardless, we are getting antsy.

This waiting patiently thing is not something that I do well. I sorta reminds me of our wedding day when I was in the grooms area and not allowed to leave because Amy was getting pictures around the church. I couldn't do anything to make it come quicker I just had to wait until game time...

As I think about it, his situation is a bit different...

There are allegedly ways that you can make a baby decide to come sooner. This evening we will be trying as many of those as we know of... Here's what we have so far...

  • We will be walking to a Mexican Restaurant nearby and eating very spicy mexican food.
  • Amy will be walking up and down the stairs until she gets tired.
  • When she gets her energy back up she will bounce on an exercise ball.

If these don't work, I will be making this recipe for dinner very soon for dinner.

any other ideas of way that we can get this baby to come??


after a read of all of these success stories from the Scalina's website... I am making eggplant parm for dinner! We will just have to go for a walk around the block...here's the recipe on their website if you want to make it for yourself and join us!


  1. well i'm glad you have so many plans for me! let me just point out the fact that we have talked about one of those ideas, and apparently you just decided on the other ones. if i am walking up and down the stairs all night, what exactly will you be doing with that time?? cleaning the house i hope!!

  2. while you walk the stairs, I will be researching other ideas of how to make the baby come!

  3. scrub the floor with ammonia and have sex :)

  4. Andrea said the one that I've heard of!