Thursday, January 28, 2010

one week old!

yesterday our baby girl turned one week old! we can hardly believe how different this week has been than last week was! hannah is a great baby and is really taking it easy on us, for the most part. she is eating well, sleeping great, and loves riding in the car. she has already been out to eat breakfast and dinner and ice cream, and yesterday she had her first bath at home! this morning she experienced a VERY important milestone... her first trip to starbucks. 'our' baristas have been very interested in us throughout the pregnancy, and when we got there today, they said they figured we must have had the baby because we hadn't been there in a week and a half!

we are still in the process of collecting pictures from the grandmas' cameras because our battery died about 2 minutes after she was born (of course) and then we misplaced it for a day and a half as soon as we got home (i mean seriously!). but here are some highlights from the past few days!

headed home from the hospital in a pink velour jumpsuit that one of the girls in my small group gave her -- she was kind of swimming in it but it was too cute!! this is her gangsta look.

chilling at home with dad!

hanging out with gramps

and uncle jake

my dad is crazy.

today she took a nap in her crib for the first time and she LOVED it! she was out cold for 2.5 hours... i can't even believe how tiny she looks in there! in the bottom left corner you can just barely see the awesome quilt my mom made-- we'll have to take more pictures with her so you can see the whole thing

a picture for perspective... and a very special bear! my dad gave me that teddy bear when i was little, and it's time to pass it on to hannah! (okay seriously, i might be biased but isn't she just the cutest little munchkin?!)

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  1. Nope, you're not biased, it's fact.

    I need to get down there to see her now!