Monday, January 25, 2010

she is here!!!

so sorry for the delay in posting... we have been a little busy with our new little bundle of joy!

hannah kay anderson
5:43 pm, wednesday, january 20, 2010
7 pounds, 5 ounces, 20.5 inches long

she is absolutely precious and we couldn't have asked for a better baby! last night we finally got our new parent hazing night and she was very fussy... but other than that, she pretty much only cries when she needs something, sleeps a whole lot, and eats great! (knock on wood)

i will post the whole birth story later when i get a chance to sit down and really remember the details... the short version is, we were scheduled to be induced but she decided to come on her own time before they could call us in. epidurals are awesome. she also thought she knew a better way to come out than straight down, but eventually she got it figured out and came out to meet us!

we are both doing great, due in large part to having my mom here last week and brian's family here this week to help us out-- i'm not quite sure how the cooking and cleaning and having time to shower will happen once it's just the two of us, but i'm sure we'll figure it out! we are just totally in love and so happy to be hannah's parents!

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  1. She is gorgeous! I knew she would be. I bet you can't believe it, but it gets better everyday. She will do something new and steal your heart again and again. Also, somehow those showering and cleaning things happen. In the beginning, I don't remember how, but they happen! Congrats guys!